October 2018   
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Vacation Bible School
Leader: Meg Stringer

The Associational Vacation Bible School Ministry seeks to lead all of our local churches to conduct a Vacation Bible School.  An Associational VBS team is assembled every year and in addition to conducting an Associational VBS Clinic, the team is also availiable to assist local churches in their own Bible schools.  This ministry also oversees a VBS "sharing ministry" where VBS resources and materials are collected and shared with other churches.   If  you have any questions as to when and what time a church will have VBS, please call the Association Office at 382-2513.


Association VBS Director:      Meg Stringer
                                                      1762 Roper Rd.
                                                      Honoraville, AL 36042



 Upcoming Events:                                       

Special Needs VBS

August 4, 2012


Greenville First Baptist Church


* Please call the Asssociation Office if you would like to help or to register a child with special needs.  382-2513